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Frequently Asked Questions

All licenses must be bought before any hunts (alligator or turkey) proof of license will be required prior to hunting. For alligator you will need a Trapping Agent License. The cost is $51.50 (subject to change) and can be purchased Online at: (number 125 for alligator) Florida County Tax Collector’s Office By Phone: 1-888-486-8356 Hunting & Fishing stores that sell hunting licenses like Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart.
For trophy hunts, you can bring your own bow/cross bow if you prefer, however, we are not responsible for any broken equipment. If you don’t have a bow/cross bow, or prefer to use ours, we have one we will provide for the hunt. For management hunts, you can bring your personal gun, or use one of our own. If you are booking a turkey hunt, be sure to bring your shotgun with you. And don’t forget your camera. Bug spray is also recommended!
No special clothing is required for alligator hunting. Typical camo and boots are best for turkey hunts. Remember it’s Florida: it’s hot and we have mosquitoes.. so you might want to cover up. Lightweight shirts and pants (in dark colors) are ideal. Shorts and sandals are not recommended!
The best dates book first, so as soon as you have a date in mind check with us to see if it is available. A NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.
If you are interested in taxidermy or tanning, we can give recommendations for local businesses. If you need your gator head, skin, and/or meat shipped, YOU will be responsible for all shipping costs. (Meat will be shipped overnight air). We are also not responsible for damaged items, or packages not arriving on time (possibly resulting in spoiled product.)
For alligator hunts we have a NON-HUNTING guest fee of $50.00 and they can ride along. For night hunts in a boat this will depend on remaining boat space.
Must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by parent or legal guardian. • All clients (hunters or quests) must sign a release form. No ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION prior to or during any activity.
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