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Alligator Hunts

We hunt only private properties giving us access to vast wetlands, canals and marshes. This allows for incredible alligator habitat.

The most exciting, adrenaline pumping, hunts are on the water at night, using a bow/cross bow and harpoon. Once you hit your target, hold on because the fight is just beginning…….

If you prefer, you can hunt on land during the day (stalk & shoot). But no matter how we go about it, it will be awesome.

Our alligator hunts take place March through December with the best time of year being late summer, early fall and the best time of month is the dark of the moon or (new moon).

Alligator Trophy Hunts (3 day / 2 nights as needed) Lodging included (see below).

Trophy gators  9’ and up $4000.00 (no additional trophy fees)

Alligator Harvest Hunts (1 day)

Harvest gators
Under 9'    $1500.00                                              

The price includes, processing and skinning your alligator, with preparation for mounting or tanning and meat packaging.   Lodging is provided but is determined by the hunt location, usually local hotels or occasionally ranch bunkhouse.

If you prefer to wear your dinosaur we can turn the skin into some beautiful personalized leather goods, i.e. belts, wallets, money clips, handbags. Additional fees will apply. Check out our web site at